Grandparents for the climate start 2020 with a New Year’s letter to the grandchildren.

It is a strong tradition in Flanders that on the first day of the new year, children read their New Year’s letter to their parents, grandparents, godfather and godmother, … Today, January 1, 2020, the Grandparents for Climate change roles.
The Grandparents for Climate asked their ambassador and youth author Marc de Bel to write and read a “reverse New Year’s letter” for them. Without realizing it, they immediately turned to the right person, because in his twenty-year career as a teacher Marc de Bel appeared to have “squeezed out of his pen” as many New Year letters.

“That was fun and childishly warm and cheerful. What you are asking is another / older / more serious cake. Not easy. Still, I felt like a moral obligation to crawl into my pen and, with my (almost eleven) grandchildren in mind, write a letter in the name of all climate grandparents. ”

With this New Year’s letter, The Grandparents for the Climate want to support young people who have been campaigning for a year without any noticeable reaction from the leaders of this country or of the world. The video in which Marc de Bel reads the New Year’s letter was subtitled in Dutch, French, German and English and can be found here:

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