De Schat van Kruisem

On September 21, 1922, the largest Roman coin treasure of all time was unearthed near the northern French Arras. Six seasonal workers from the East Flemish Kruisem exposed a large amphora when excavating clay for brick, which to their surprise was full of gold coins, medallions and jewelery. A large part of the treasure disappeared in the pockets of the campaigners and was thus spread all over the world via Kruisem.

Also Miete, on holiday with her aunt, and the rest of the Full-fledged Dumpling Peppelclub come under the spell of the fabulous treasure, some of which would be buried in Kruisem. “Find the right cross, where the crosses intersect,” one of the finders spoke on his deathbed. It turns out to be the only tip. Miete and co go between playing football for charity and painting the new goat stable by looking straight away and coming ever closer to the treasure of the treasure. But there are hijackers on the coast …

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