Sleep twice more and the summer begins. Then the Boebuks celebrate together with all the animals of the Biezebos their Great Solstice Festival. In the meantime, Piepel and Soeza romp to their heart’s content in the forest. Especially Piepel loves to play Knight. Especially now that Knight Piepus of Papaver, as he calls himself, has built a real tree-wall with a kean-cut keicool lookout tower in the old Holle Eik. From there he watches chivalricly over the Biezebos, because you never know with dirty creeps like Protzooi de Poeptrol and Dikke Hercules and his army of Rosse Blikkers, which lately unfortunately increasingly pollute the forest.

The Revenge of Ridder Piepus is not only a tight, tale-teasing story, but also shows us that the Force is often hidden in the Little One.

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