Films, TV and theater

The book was (sometimes) better ... In the meantime, many theater plays, films, musicals, comic strips, … have already been made. You can still view this or view it soon:


BOEBOEKS in 3D on TV! Yes! Piepel and Soeza Boeboek will be appearing on TV in 3D soon!B


CHILDTHEATER ACABOE plays, among other things, the fantastimastic stories of the Boeboeks. From October 2017, the performances of HET EI VAN OOM TROTTER will also start!

VZW CREAFANT plays a number of Marcs books, including ULE, I was fourteen in 1914, for 3rd grade primary education and 1st and 2nd secondary (and certainly for adults!) But also the wonderfully crazy DREAM CLEANER OF OPA PLUIZEBOL for children from 6 to 10.


From April 2019 on, the performances of the musical HET EI VAN OOM TROTTER will start. Tickets are now on sale at the BRUGES THEATER organisation.