No ‘Rechtvaardige Rechters’, but iron ladder

Het Nieuwsblad – 08 May. 2019

The excavation work that was carried out on Kalandeberg yesterday did not produce anything. Three amateur detectives, including former mayor Daniël Termont and youth author Marc de Bel, admitted that they were deeply disappointed. Where they expected to crash into the underground panel of The Lamb of God in an underground corridor, an iron ladder was found. The hypothesis that the panel The just judges was stolen 85 years ago in an underground tube under Kalandeberg was put forward last year by amateur detective Gino Marchal from Tienen and youth author Marc de Bel. Marchal relied not only on enigmatic passages from the fourteenth extortion letter of the suspected thief, Arsène Goedertier, but also on plans from the City of Ghent. An underground tube was then visible underneath the square. “The Kalandeberg was open in 1932 and may have given Goedertier, who passed every day there, the idea of ​​hiding the panel he would steal two years later,” said Marchal. Last year the public prosecutor commissioned a professor of archeology from UGent to scan the underground of the square. There was nothing suspicious about it. But that scan did not reach any deeper than 60 centimeters. So it was necessary to dig for clarity. “I promised Gino Marchal and Marc de Bel to continue to help them after I left politics, and I did,” said Daniël Termont yesterday. “When Daniel learned from the public prosecutor’s office that there was no money for digging, he contacted Denys himself,” says De Bel. The Ghent contracting company offered to carry out the excavation work free of charge. In exchange, the company received a great promotional stunt.

Rich American
The excavator hit the tube effectively yesterday morning, but the entrance turned out to be closed by a concrete plate. However, when a manhole was drilled therein, a suspicious-smelling gas was observed. After quickly taking some photos, the gap was closed again. The tension rose to a high point when something was observed in the photos with the same dimensions as the panel. “Unfortunately, it turned out to be an iron wall ladder,” says Termont. Hobby detective Gino Marchal is at the heart of it. He now wants to take a break before looking further. “I was really convinced that we would find the painting,” says Marc de Bel. The writer speculates that the painting has been hidden in the tube for years, but was removed by a worker while working in the 90s. “Perhaps a rich American owns it now.” Material for a sequel to his Lamb of God novel The Fourteenth Letter?
Geert Neyt – photos Frederiek Vande Velde

Musical premiere “The Egg of Uncle Trotter” 28 April 2019.

The premiere of the musical of THE EGG OF OOM TROTTER was a huge success and received a long standing and warm ovation


Marc and Gino Marchal know where the panel of the Just Judges is hidden! Come here to know everything and much more about the stolen painting and read the new new book: DE VEERTIENDE BRIEF (The Fourteenth Letter).

Puzzler says he cracked the code !

According to Marc de Bel (l.) And Gino Marchal, spotted here in the Kalandestraat, the suspected thief knew the Kalandeberg (background) very well. So also the underground passage that was discovered in 1932 during sewerage works. Photo: DVH


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THEATER play of HET EI VAN OOM TROTTER gets a lot of praise!

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Marc is currently working on a new BREATHTAKING book.


Municipality crowns Marc de Bel as Honorary Citizen.

Juvenile author Marc de Bel is known for his Boeboeks books.

Youth author Marc de Bel (63) receives the title of honorary citizen in his municipality of Kruishoutem. “Our best-known resident celebrates thirty years of authorship, so this is the ideal opportunity to laure him,” says Mayor Joop Verzele.

MARC honored as most meritorious EAST FLEMISH 2016 in the field of CULTURE

At the New Year’s reception in the Ghent government, every year the most deserving East Flemish are honored according to good practice. This year this honor came to Marc.

Youth author Marc de Bel happily surprised with a celebration for thirty years of writing.

De reünie van de klas van 1985 was voor Marc de Bel grootste verrassing van de avond.
The reunion of the 1985 class was the biggest surprise of the evening for Marc de Bel. Photo: pdv.

Marc de Bel was celebrated in cultural center De Mastbloem for his thirty-year writing career. The city council used the jubilee party to proclaim the Kruishoutem successful author an honorary citizen.

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