Robbe is sixteen and often has a hard time. The sandwich shop of his parents does not run well and that weighs on them relationship. Everyone lives on their own island at home, Robbe is at school daily the target of bullying. Fortunately there are Lore and sir Van Brandt. They believe in his acting talent and encourage him to go there to do something with it.

When Robbe gets the leading role in a new one youth series for television changes everything. Suddenly he is popular. He becomes a star, earns a lot of money and stands every turn in the ‘booklets’. Robbe fully enjoys all that attention, but already this medal soon turns out to have a downside …

Actor Aron Wade, Akke from W817, is candid about the depression that made him a few Flooded years ago and where he almost drowned. Out of that dark period he has learned that vulnerability is not a sign of weakness,
but just a sign of being human. His story lies at the basis of this book.

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